They say an open dialogue between family members brings them closer. Makes them a stronger unit.

But if not everyone participates, and listens to each other and openly voice their thoughts, its of no use at all.

People say I don’t appreciate my family. I say my family doesn’t appreciate me.

My brother doesn’t talk at all, and when asked to converse he gets wild and mad and starts to dictate orders. Things don’t work that way.

My mother on the other hand, acts like the victim. Which in turn is making her less confident about herself. Yet when I tell her something, she becomes defensive and doesn’t want to work on improving herself.

Yet I am supposed to “understand” them, their feelings and their thoughts.

My feelings and thoughts and mindset can go take a hike.

Yes, mother was right. I do not feel like a part of this family. This family dosn’t treat me like one of their own.

I feel like “Caesar” from the movie “The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes”. 

Abandoned by the people I considered to be my family.

Yes, I don’t consider myself a part of this family. 

I have been abandoned.

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